Games, books, work and more!

Haven't updated since July, I have been somewhat busy. Somewhat also procrastinating

Work has been fairly busy the past few weeks. I just finished an Azure bootcamp, that was an intense week of 8 hours of class or so plus evening readings. Though now I am studying to get my Az104 and Az500 certifications so we can start up the cloud department at my job. I am very excited about this

On the personal project wise I've made some progress on a shoot em up game, an rpg trading game, and some boneworks on a roguelike. Not a whole lot here, but I will update for releases. Figured I may as well do personal devlogs here since I don't run a blog over on my game studio website.

I have mainly been reading, and trying to stay busy with games. Read the entirity of Mistborn Era 1. My first books from Brandon Sanderson and I have to say they're very, very good. Once I got over the worldbuilding portion of the first book and really got into the characters the pages just flew by. Would definitely recommend. I also have Monster Hunter Vendetta under my belt, from Larry Correia. A good, action filled book about hunting monsters. Have the next book, Monster Hunter: Alpha on my shelf already and excited to read it. I've also been playing a ton of games. Mainly Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress and Factorio. Got into Lord of the Rings Online for a month but stopped as is usual for my mmo playing these days. Almost finished Dusk, a really good old school style shooter.I also added Deadly Premonition for the switch to the backlog, played it a little bit and love the cheesiness.

That's about all the updates I have for now. Still need to finish my blogging system.. I am yet again copying a template and editing the html manually. But it's not too bad, I can still manage the site via ssh and that is my main goal.