The Fujiwara Engineering Job

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Hello! Here's an adventure for CyberPunk Red called The Fujiwara Neural Job.

I ran this as the first job for a batch of players with new characters who where also new to CyberPunk Red. This was my first time running Cyberpunk and I had a lot of fun!

You can get Cyberpunk Red in pdf form through DriveThruRPG or a hardcover on Amazon.

Note for this adventure: I usually do extremely minimal prep as I enjoy just letting the story go wherever. However I also know that people running adventures want a lot of this taken care of, so alongside the story beats I'll let you know how I handled it. That way if you just want a prompt like myself you can have it, but if you want something more concrete you can follow my lead. If you enjoyed this immensely and want to send a donation please visit the Donate page.

You can download a .zip file with everything for this adventure. It contains a pdf version without the blog stuff, all maps in .png formats for the DM and players, and source files for everything. The emacs .org, libreoffice .ods, and gimp .xfce files for the maps.


The players are contacted by someone going by Miss Lotus, telling them they are being hired to break into a server and steal some information regarding experimental neural enhancement from Fujiwara Engineering. The job pays 1000eb per worker.

I had the players receive emails from a job rss feed instructing them to meet at a specific table at a bar called Shot in the Head located in the War Zone

Beat 1: Shot in the Head Bar

Location Description

This run down bar has a blue neon sign and is made of chipped gray concrete. Its cheap glass windows are littered with blinding neon depicting the CHOOH2 (slang for alcohol) brands they sell Every bit of the outside is battle scarred from the various conflicts that erupt.

Gamemaster Instruction

Here you can have your players meet for the first time, introduce their characters and their looks and attitudes. If they have already met, you can skip this.

Once everyone is present their Agents (Cyberpunk cellphone, had to keep reminding myself of this) will ding again giving them another message from Miss Lotus.

It reads: " I see you have all made it. Here's the deal. You're going to go and meet a guy by the name of Sado Suki. That's no handle, it's his real name. Will spook him real good if you mention that. He's going to give you information on the building and how you're getting in. Make sure to not flatline him if you have to rough him up."

The message will describe a middle aged Japanese man with neon green cybereyes, long hair with a bald pate with a scruffy thin goatee. It will also instruct the players that he be at the Dragon Gate bar across the War Zone

In Transit

You can roll for an encounter along the way to the Dragon Gate bar. Either on your own tables or just roll a 1d6 and if it is a 1 or 2 then throw then roll along the tables in the back of the book.

Alternatively, here is the random encounter that I made up when I rolled a 1.

6 Samurai are in a fire fight with a Boostergang consisting of 4 people. The Samurai have the gang hiding behind a car. The Samurai all have assault rifles and the gang has 2 shotguns and 2 pistols

1 of the gang is bleeding heavily and leaning out to get some shots in and another is holding a heavy duty briefcase in one hand and firing his pistol with another. The Samurai are shouting that if they give them the company property they will let them leave.

The players can watch, skirt around, or join in the firefight.

Samurai INT 3 REF 7 DEX 4 TECH 2 COOL 2 WILL 3 MOVE 4 BODY 5 EMP 2 HP: 30 Seriously Wounded: 15 Death Save 5 Weapons: Poor Quality Assault Rifle 5d6 Very Heavy Pistol 4d6 Armor: Kevlar 7SP head and Body

Skills: Athetlics 9, Brawling 6, First Aid 10, Handgun 10, Autofire 10, Perception 6

Gang Members INT 2 REF 6 DEX 5 TECH 2 COOL 4 WILL 2 MOVE 4 BODY 4 EMP 3 HP: 20 Seriously Wounded: 10 Death Save 4 Weapons: Poor Quality Very Heavy Pistol 4d6 Rippers 2d6 Armor: Leather 4SP head and Body

Skills: Athetlics 9, Brawling 11, Handgun 12, Perception 6

Alternatively you can stat them yourself. The goal was to have the Gang be outclassed by the Samurai in both arms and skill. This was so the players would be warry of running into the Samurai when the job brings them to the Fujiwara Engineneering building.

Beat 2: The Dragon Gate Bar

Location Description

Dirty light gray concrete with a large red dragon painted on the side this bar has a ton of prostitues and gang members hanging around outside

The inside is filled with smoke and the blue glow of terminal screens.

Inside you see a man that matches the description of Sako, his green cybereyes glowing under his hooded head and refracting in his beer.

Gamemaster Instruction

Sado Suki will be a little stand offish. The players can try to scare him by using his real name, or they can persuade him with Persuasian roll of DV 15.

He will inform them of the general layout of Fujiwara Engineering. All five floors from top to bottom: Lobby, Accounting, Engineering, IT, CEO.

He warns the players to avoid any trouble in Engineering as it will be easily traced back to him.

Suki will give them a keycard that will get them inside the building, alongside a code to lower the ladder of the catwalk out back.

After giving the players this information 5 Samurai from Fujiwara Engineering.

They will notice Suki (Alternatively you can roll a Perception for them of DC 13 to notice him) and come to apprehend him.

The Samurai will ask the players if they are associated with Suki as one of the Samurai grab him by the arm.

If the players say no, Suki will pull a hidden Very Heavy Pistol and execute the one who had grabbed him.

If the players do not decide to help Suki fight, the bartender will draw a shotgun and tell them to take it outside. Suki will twitch to fire another round and the bartender will execute him. Roll a 1d6 and if the roll is a 1 or 2 then a Memory Chip will be found in the viscera.

The Memory Chip contains a personal key used to decrypt a file in the Fujiwara Server.

The Samurai will grab the bodies of Suki and the other Samurai, remark about "company property" and then leave.

If they players draw their weapons and fight the remaining 4 Samurai here is the stat blocks

Sado Suki INT 7 REF 5 DEX 4 TECH 7 COOL 4 WILL 5 MOVE 5 BODY 3 EMP 4 HP: 30 Seriously Wounded: 15 Death Save 3 Weapons: Very Heavy Pistol 4d6 Armor: Bodyweight Suit 11SP head

Skills: Athetlics 6, Brawling 4, Coneal/Reveal Object 11, First Aid 9, Handgun 10

Samurai INT 3 REF 7 DEX 4 TECH 2 COOL 2 WILL 3 MOVE 4 BODY 5 EMP 2 HP: 30 Seriously Wounded: 15 Death Save 5 Weapons: Poor Quality Assault Rifle 5d6 Very Heavy Pistol 4d6 Armor: Kevlar 7SP head and Body

Skills: Athetlics 9, Brawling 6, First Aid 10, Handgun 10, Autofire 10, Perception 6

Beat 3: The Fujiwara Engineering Building

Location Description

This 5 story building is composed of ferro-crete, a hardened concrete. The bottom floors walls are all a shiny glass allowing glimpses inside when not obscured by the neon of the streets. "FUJIWARA ENGINEERING" the sign above the door reads with a logo composed of a brain with an F stamped on it.

Gamemaster Instruction

The players will see the lobby is occupied by the receptionists at the front desk and some employees at the bar up front.

They can enter via the catwalk, or they can enter with the badge given to them by Suki.

There will be at least 2-3 samurai on each floor.

Once they get into the server room there will be 2 admins that are jacked in looking at the servers. A Stealth DV of 8 is required to get past them without physically noticing.

Sado ran some programs to lower the security defenses on the servers so Electronics/Security Tech DV of 15 will get them in.

Once inside they will find the whitepaper they are looking for, and some encrypted files. If they recovered his memory chip they can grab those and they are the Employee Directory for Fujiwara Engineering. Giving full names and addresses for the players to do with what they please.

Alternatively they can sell the directory on the Night Market for around 500eb

  • DVs
    • Security Doors

      Attempting to hack any of the security doors (Rather than using the keycard) will have Electronics/Security Tech DV of 17

    • Servers

      Sado ran some programs to lower some of the defenses so they only need a Electronics/Security Tech DV of 15 to get into the servers


Author: John Howell

Created: 2022-02-14 Mon 11:12